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BuildApp is your one-stop-shop for developing all your iOS apps, for iPhone, iPod and iPad. We will help you design, build, and launch your project or venture.

Design and Prototyping

Design, Graphics and User Experience are key factors for a mobile app’s success, given its small real estate and unique end-user behavior.

Talented Developers

Your app should be stable, smooth, and sleek. Its interaction with the user and the network should be flawless. You need an experienced and talented team to handle it all.

Working with the best

At funnelabs we are not only creating top apps start-to-finish, but we help that specific collaborative team at a startup, with great companies like Any.do or Fring which we have worked with along the years
  • Getting from Idea to Market is not an easy task!
    Especially in a crowded AppStore

    We research, prototype, design, develop, analyze, market, and update your app… the works. BuildApp is your one-stop-shop Apple power house. We make your app ideas a reality

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  • UX and Graphic Design

    Creating the right graphics and user experience are key in the mobile world. We lead the process from its early stages, designing the user experience and graphics according to the desired behavior you need for your app.

  • iOS Development

    Experience in the iOS development environment is a clear barrier to entry your competitors will face. Our team's experience is your gain and the edge you need to get to market fast with an awesome product.

  • Analytics and Marketing

    Submitting an app to the AppStore
    is not enough to succeed, analytics and marketing are key to market penetration and user engagement.